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Quick drawing for the debates this evening.





I love this movie, so here’s my design. Next films are Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2.



Pulp Fiction poster redux.

It’s not really fitting for type tuesday. but I wanted to give this idea a shot. Be sure to click on the image so you can see the detail in the full size image.

Type Tuesday strikes again.



My Pulp Fiction poster is getting a little more detailed and complex, so here’s Type Tuesday in the meantime.


The first entry for my new project, Type Tuesday, keeping it fairly simple. Some of my plans for the future designs are much, much different, so you’ll be seeing a wider variety of styles.

Film Friday is also making it’s return with Pulp Fiction, coming this week to a monitor near you.


My time lately has been stolen by my day job. Reading about the protests over the past few weeks have inspired me to finally take the reins and make something, which I’ll continue to do every few days. Any fans of my Film Friday pieces will be happy to know that it will be returning, though it will be mixed with other projects.