Back again, this time with The Hudsucker Proxy, and once again, I have a lot of love for this movie. They have some fantastic shots here, a lot of perspective and pattern, which go together in most cases here. This is quite a lot less serious than the last few films, a little closer to Raising Arizona in tone, but it has it’s dark moments too, or it wouldn’t be a Coen film. Tim Robbins is great in this as a naive young guy looking for a job, and Paul Newman is fantastic as a business-minded bastard. Jennifer Jason Leigh does a very good job too, though at first her accent put on for the film can be off-putting, as it were. I’ve excluded the trailer here because I don’t think it does the film justice, I highly recommend watching the film without checking the wikipedia page or looking for a trailer. It’s a good experience to go into this film cold. See you next week!