Wow, have I been neglecting wordpress or what? So lately I’ve been extreeeeemely busy. I got a full time job as the Graphics Coordinator of a mid-size screen printing company. I’ve also been attempting to do a lot of the workload for my parents’ screen printing business because my dad was in an accident that’s going to keep him in rehabilitation for a few months at least. So two jobs, then I still do freelance design for a small shirt company, AND I’ve been building websited in my non-existent spare time.

Last, and definitely not least, is the Nom Now show, coming up this Friday!

Here’s the info:

Vesuvio’s Bar, 736 South 8th Street Philadelphia, PA, Corner of 8th and Fitzwater St. 21+

This is what has been occupying the final shreds of time that make up my day. I haven’t been sleeping very much if you haven’t guessed that by now. So here’s a little something for you 5 people who will see this. Something I rarely do because I love my technology, this is a piece that was conceived, sketched, drawn, cut, and spray painted all without the aid of a computer. The only bits of technology used were paper, razor blades, tape, spray glue, and spray paint. Kind of a let of technology when you really think about it. It’s a simple one color thing, but I like simple, and I’ll have some more stuff for the show more in line with my style and more in line with the Nom Now Aesthetic ©


p.s. here’s another simple thing I made but didn’t use for the show. I like these colors. (Maybe this will secretly make an appearance as a screenprint?)