Bonjour les garçons et les filles. I haven’t posted in a fair amount of time but I have several pieces to show for my absence. Let’s start with Nom Now, my friends Matt and Mike came up with an idea about two weeks ago to bring about some inspiration in us. In order to do that, every two or three weeks we’ll have a new theme for our art, something to focus on, comment on, or just portray. For the first edition they decided on reading as a subject. So when I got in on this I wanted to come up with a name and a possible logo before I made any designs about the actual subject, so I came up with FNNR, the Fortnightly Nom Now Rencontre.

The Fortnightly Nom Now RencontreFortnightly Nom Now Rencontre

Next I’ll show you some of what I’ve come up with, I have 3 finished and 4 more being worked up.

C.S. Lewis Groucho Marx

-K. Dix

P.S. Rencontre is french.